To be a certified Rolfer and practice Rolfing ® Structural Integration (SI), one needs to satisfactorily complete a prescribed course of study at the Rolf ® Institute of Structural Integration (World headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.).
Only those individuals who graduate from The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration can call themselves Certified Rolfers. You can verify their certification at or at


When I received the 10-session basic Rolfing SI series from Marie-José in the 80's, my whole life changed completely. The spinal curvature that I had and tried to resolve since childhood finally diminished and continues to improve. My back pain disappeared, and especially noteworthy was the improvement in my breathing. I no longer have the allergic asthma attacks that I had suffered since my adolescence. These benefits were in addition to the improvements that Rolfing SI brings in general: better relationship with one's body, more open and inclusive outlook on life, etc.. Rolfing SI is really a holistic approach!
I was so impressed and enthusiastic that I wanted to "buy the company."
I was then a computer system analyst; but my enthusiasm for Rolfing SI never diminished over time, and this led me to consider the seemingly "crazy" idea of training to become a practitioner. I was fortunate to be able to follow my dream and invest the time, energy and personal commitment necessary to reach my goals and to acquire the necessary sensitivity to become a practitioner and complete the Rolfing SI training.
Since 1999, I have been offering Rolfing SI sessions to people in Quebec and surrounding areas who wish to experience the benefits that Rolfing provides.

In Québec:
Tel.: (418) 524-0300


I have always been fascinated by the body's incredible potential and by it's mysteries.
For more than 20 years I've been studying various styles of dance, sports, martial and dramatic arts, yoga, as well as different techniques of bodywork, movement education and awareness, etc. I have acquired a solid experience of bodies, anchored in exploration and practice.
This is the constantly renewed foundation which supports and nurtures my work and keeps my vision alive in a direct and personal way.
I have the profound conviction that our bodies are the physical manifestation of who we are. They bear the traces of our cultural and familial heritage as well as that of our own personal history. They are the means by which we perceive the world and relate to it. The shape of our bodies and the way we experience them are infinitely rich with information about ourselves and our environment. Ultimately our bodies carry an immense wisdom: our essential truth and an innate sense of the Universe are imprinted in them.
For me Rolfing is a deep and efficient tool for evolutive body work. It allows us to establish a tactile dialogue with the parts of our bodies that are wounded, fixed or limited, and deeper still, with the parts of ourselves which are ready to grow and open to self realization. Rolfing facilitates global personal evolution as it actualizes in our bodies the possibility of living and moving in a more balanced and harmonious way, directly related to present time as it is expressed by the gravitational field.
I am forever impressed by all that Rolfing reveals. Each session is a unique and special adventure in which my hands, my knowledge, my perceptions, my experience and my intuition are entirely serving the movement of integration, expansion and healing which seek to emerge in the body.
In 1981 I completed a bac des arts at Québec's Laval University.
In 1983-1984 I did my massage training at the Boulder School Of Massage Therapy, Colorado. Then I studied at the Rolf Institute.
I've been in private practice as a Rolfer since my certification in 1985. However I continue to evolve in my field by regularly participating in continuing education workshops. I have also achieved the following certifications: Advanced Rolfer (1989) and Rolf Movement Practitionner (2002).
Since 1996 I have worked as a class assistant at the Rolf Institute and as a student's written papers evaluator.

In Montreal, Granby, Sutton: 450-538-0020
Long distance ("Call-Me"-card, with Bell only) : 0- 450-538-0020 nip: 7626


In 1970, I read an article on Rolfing SI that captured my imagination, and I sought out one of the few Rolfing SI practitioners of that era. The results of my first session were spectacular: My chest expanded so much in one hour of work that a new suit jacket I had just bought no longer fit properly - an expensive session! And the practitioner, himself a former electronics engineer as I was at the time, put the idea in my head that I too should consider becoming a Rolfer. A year-and-a-half later, I did just that. I returned to school part-time, acquired the prerequisite courses and was accepted into training. I was fortunate to be with the founder, Dr. Ida Rolf, as instructor. I received my initial certification in 1973 and returned to attend the advanced course with Dr. Rolf the following year. I've had advanced certification and a full-time private practice in Rolfing SI since 1974.
Since then, I have worked with hundreds of clients. Many individuals come to me as a last resort having tried many other methods first. My clients have ranged from a 3-week old baby to seniors in their 80's. Our bodies are malleable, and it is rare that a situation is presented that Rolfing SI cannot benefit at any age.
My work is classical in form with some modifications and follows the teaching of Dr. Rolf. It is direct, deep soft-tissue manipulation. I see myself though as more of a sculptor working the connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, tendons, aponeuroses, scar tissue, adhesions) as if they were clay in order to differentiate and restore tone and balance to the various muscles and muscle groups. Once accomplished, as Dr. Rolf stated, "Gravity is the therapist." Sometimes, Rolfing SI triggers old memories and facilitates emotional release. In this, I am a silent companion providing a safe space in which clients may fully express their joy, their sorrow and their pain.
I have also studied and practice the Zero Balancing ® method of structural-energetic bodywork developed by Dr. Fritz Smith since 1977 and worked as a volunteer spiritual healer from 1984 - 1997. These two activities have strongly influenced my practice of Rolfing SI and have given me a greater appreciation for the effect of subtle touch and subtle energies on the healing process.
I am available for consultation and Rolfing SI sessions at my office in Montreal or on-site at business locations for work related injuries and prevention. I also offer a workshop on body reading and postural alignment for personal benefit.

Montreal: (514) 222-8036


I have been a practicing massage therapist in United States and Canada since 2002 with over 1500 hours of massage training. My experience working in clinical, spa, and private practice settings provided me with a diverse background in the healthcare field.
I was brought to Rolfing ® SI after a traumatic car accident. Rolfing ® SI significantly reduced my pain after the first session and the benefits from the Ten Series have stayed with me ever since.
Since my initial massage training, I have expanded my understanding of the human body by completing a B. Sc. in Biochemistry. After receiving my Rolfing ® SI certification in Boulder, Colorado, at The Rolf Institute ® of Structural Integration, I have established my practice in Montreal.
Rolfing ® SI has transformed my life, and each day, I work to share this passion of mine with you.

In Montreal: 514-623-0801


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